We are not the first to use botanical tree essence in self-care - the Indigenous communities of the Pacific Northwest have been using tree essences for centuries. Tree essence was, and still is, considered to be one of the main medicinal staples of the First Nations people.

  • Hemlock pitch has traditionally been used as a poultice covering, decongestant, and a salve to prevent sunburn.
  • Douglas Fir pitch used to heal wounds, skin irritations, and disinfect.
  • Grand Fir pitch was used to deodorize the body and prevent balding.
  • Sitka Spruce pitch was used as a sun burn salve and to sanitize wounds. It was also administered orally to treat gonorrhoea, syphilis, colds, sore throats, internal swelling, rheumatism, and toothaches! 
  • Shore Pine pitch has been used as a traditionally as a topical decongestant and disinfectant. 
  • Western White Pine pitch was developed into a salve to cure skin irritations and condition



Botanical tree essence is the sap, pitch, or juice that naturally extrudes from various openings, folds, and knots of trees. From early Spring to late Summer, the trees go through what we call a “weeping” process, in which the tree roots push the sap, stored during Winter, up into the Cambium layer of the tree. This layer is located between the bark and the true wood of the tree.



This “weeping” process occurs as a defence mechanism to ward off bug infestation. For example, as a bug burrows or finds its way into the vulnerable part of the tree, the sap drips and oozes over the intruder, immobilizing and suffocating it in a tomb of sap. During this time of year, there is an overabundance of “weeping” that occurs. Year upon year, this excess sap collects and dries on the outer surface of the tree trunk.



This is the point in time when we at Carina begin to harvest. It takes a little longer to harvest the sap by hand than it does using the modern conventional methods of tapping or ripping (literally tearing the tree apart), but the wait is well worth it. Our old fashion methods of gathering by hand allow us to simply pull or lightly scrape off these dried clumps of sap, leaving the trees unharmed and in perfect health to produce more essence for years to come.

Mother Nature has blessed our forests with a multitude of organic healing ingredients - botanical tree essence is one of them and we are extremely proud and grateful to be recognized as “modern pioneers” in rediscovering these helpful essences.








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