Cert Clean is a North American Certifying body, founded by committed chemical engineers, dedicated to reviewing, regulating, and recognizing safer skincare practice in the Health Industry. Their Clean Beauty Awards are strategically designed to showcase products that are “crap-free” and to unite them with curious shoppers. In order to be considered for this industry-leading award, products must comply with a strict set of standards and be void of potentially harmful chemicals including: parabens, triclosan, parfum/fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate, siloxanes, and other ingredients of concern. We were excited, and are honoured, to be not only nominated, but voted the best shampoo by their curated selection of industry professionals. We are grateful for the recognition and for their commitment to sourcing and sharing with the community, low impact, all natural, solutions for businesses, individuals, families. 

Now, if Sweet Pea not your preferred scent? Not to worry! Our Daily Moisturizing Shampoo line, comes in Citrus and Unscented as well! Not only are they (along with our other products) top rated on EWG as one of the cleanest shampoos available on the global market, it works. Your hair is left silky smooth, and in as little as two weeks the harm to your scalp and hair follicles, from years of chemical build up, is washing itself free from years of synthetic additive build up. 

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